They say first impressions count so why should our homes be any different?

Your entrance hall sets the scene for the rest of your home so why not make it an unforgettable one?

Usually a long and narrow space, the hallway can seem quite uninspiring, so I have put together a few short tips to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space that will ‘wow ‘ your guests.


keeping your hallway clear of clutter will help to create a sense of space.

Shoe storage – If you have quite a spacious hallway you may consider a bench seat. These often have a lift up hinged lid so double up as savvy storage and a place to sit.

If space is a little tight why not try wicker baskets for shoe storage? These can be tucked away under a console table or underneath a coat rack to create a tidy and stylish look.

Storing coats – Using a wall hung coat rack is the best option when you really need to save precious floor space. Have a look for decorative or contemporary styles to make it look visually pleasing. If you have a larger hallway you may consider a coat stand, these can look really effective especially with a few statement pieces displayed like your favorite hat or faux fur coat (or perhaps its just me who has a thing for faux fur).


If you already have storage in the form of an under stair cupboard you may have enough space for a console table. Displayed with a vase of flowers or a lamp, these add a decorative feature and a little elegance. Positioning your console at the end of your hallway in line with the front door will make a visual impact when you walk in. If you have a wider hallway, position your table centrally on the wall next to the front door to create balance.


Lighting can be used to create impact in a hallway where furniture is limited… So be bold!

If you have high ceilings and generous space go for a drop pendant or chandelier to make a statement.

Why not add uplighters if you have a long hallway to create a feeling of warmth and ambiance?

If you have a more contemporary home, running strip lighting along the stairs creates drama and excitement.


Whether you go for a floor to ceiling mirror or a smaller, ornate type above your console table – both will reflect the natural light and give the illusion of space.


Ok, so this last tip isn’t so much a styling tip – but nothing says home like a waft of your favourite scent when you walk through the front door. Whether that’s freshly cut flowers, a scented reed diffuser or clean linen. Find something that makes you instantly relax when you get home.

I hope this post has inspired you to create a beautiful hallway. I would love to know your thoughts.

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Jamie-Lee x

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